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Wholesale Regulations MegaFun

Terms and conditions of online shop

MegaFun online shop, available at www.megafun.com.pl, is run by MegaFun sp. Z o.o., entered by the National Court Register to the register of business activity. The company is located in Cracow ul. Cases 7. We are registered under NIP number: 6793128375, Regon: 364425298

Shopping regulations

1. Internet shop MegaFun.com.pl sells via the Internet. Orders are accepted by www.megafun.com.pl.

2. All products / services offered at the MegaFun store are brand new, free of physical and legal defects and legally introduced to the Polish market.

3. All prices quoted on the websites www.MegaFun.com.pl are net prices (plus VAT). Binding for the parties to the transaction is the price displayed at the product when the order was placed by the Customer.

4. We issue VAT invoices for each goods / service sold.

5. Ordered goods are delivered through courier companies. The buyer is charged the delivery costs specified in the delivery price list.

6. The following forms of payment are possible:

About the transfer. After booking the ordered goods / services in our online shop, an email with a bank account number is sent. Immediately after the money is deposited on our company account, we make an order.

O Cash - cash on delivery.

7. For some types of assortment, MegaFun sp. Z o.o. Reserves the right to limit the method of payment by excluding the possibility of payment on collection.

For some goods / services, the ordering time is given. It informs how many working days (or hours) it usually takes from the moment the order is confirmed or from the time the item is booked to the order.

Shipments are delivered by courier usually within 2 days. MegaFun sp. Z o.o. It is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by failure of the courier service to deliver mail and courier services.

8. Products and services are covered by a 12-month warranty. Detailed terms of guarantee implementation are specified in the contract issued by the guarantor. Goods with a service guarantee must be sent at their own expense to the mailing address given on the store's website. The corrected product is sent to the customer at MegaFun sp. Z o.o.

9. The store is responsible for 2 years from the date of purchase in case of nonconformity of the goods with the contract in accordance with Article 10 of the Law on special consumer terms of 27 July 2002. The customer loses the rights specified in the aforementioned law if within two months of the declaration of nonconformity The goods with the contract will not notify the store about this fact.

10. In case of non-compliance of the goods with the contract, the goods together with the letter defining the nonconformity and expectations regarding the way of realization of our obligations, should be sent at the expense of own to the mailing address given on the shop's website, specifying the manner of realization of the obligations of the shop. The customer has the right to demand that he be brought into a contractual condition by free repair or replacement, unless repairs or replacements are impossible or require unreasonable costs. If the store is unable to meet certain requests, the customer has the right to demand the applicable price reduction, or may waive the contract.

11. The shop will respond to the Customer's demands within 14 working days of the notification of nonconformity of the goods. If the case requires additional technical expertise from outside companies, the deadline may be extended.

12. If you file a non-compliance within 14 days of purchase, you have the right to request a replacement for your new product in accelerated mode. Accelerated mode applies to a specific product group only. If nonconformity is recognized and the advertised item is available, the new item will be shipped within a few business days of delivery of the non-compliant item to the store. If this is not possible, the shop will offer the buyer the equivalent of the price of the product or another available item at the store.

13. In each of the above cases, when delivery of a new or repaired item is made to the Customer, delivery costs to the customer are borne by the shop.

14. Pursuant to the Act of 2 March 2000 on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271) Art. 7, within 14 days of the delivery of the ordered goods, the consumer has the right to return it without giving reasons for withdrawing from the contract, according to the general rules deriving from the provisions on distance contracts. In the event of withdrawal, the contract is considered not to be and the consumer is exempt from all obligations. The goods returned in this mode will be accepted only if they are returned unaltered unless the change was necessary within the limits of ordinary management. This means that the product must be in the original, undamaged packaging with complete contents and that the product itself and its accessories will not be damaged. It is permissible to open the package to view the item and the item may be used provided that the use does not alter its condition. According to the law, the possibility of return does not apply to audiovisual and visual recordings and to computer-stored media after the consumer has removed their original packaging. If you wish to use the above-mentioned right of return, the goods must be returned at their own expense to the mailing address provided on the store's website. You must include a written withdrawal notice and the account number for the store to return the payment. The store checks the product within 14 business days. If the product satisfies the aforementioned Requirements, a correction invoice is issued. Original and copy are sent to the client by registered mail. The customer shall return a signed copy of the correcting invoice and, upon receipt, within 7 working days, the merchant will return the money to the Customer's account.

15. The warranty and the right of withdrawal do not apply when the product is affected by mechanical damage of external origin. Always check that the packaging is not damaged in transportation before picking up your mail. In particular, attention should be paid to the state of the tapes or seals affixed to the consignment. If the package is damaged or if the seals are broken, do not accept the shipment and, in the presence of the courier, draw up the injury protocol and contact the seller as soon as possible to clarify the matter. Checking the consignment at delivery is a prerequisite for taking into account possible Customer claims for damage or robbery in transport.

16. The information on the shop's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. By submitting an order using the mechanisms available on the website of the store, the customer submits a purchase offer for a specific product under the terms given in the product description. The moment of conclusion of the purchase contract is made upon written confirmation of the goods received by the customer on the consignment note.

17. The owner of the online store shall make every effort to ensure that the descriptions and technical specifications of the products / services in the shop are in line with reality. However, it can not be held responsible for incorrectly reporting the parameters and properties of the product, or sudden change by the manufacturer. However, whenever the data (including product descriptions and specifications) displayed on the shop's web site at the date the consumer's order was placed did not match reality, within 14 days of purchase, he or she has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. , In accordance with the provisions of the remote withdrawal clause.

18. The Terms and Conditions determine the rules of the shop www.MegaFun.com.pl The placing of an order is tantamount to consent to all provisions and information contained in the rules and regulations.

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