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Offer for suppliers

We make good business ideas and help our partners build their competitive edge. We match the action model to the business needs of the partners.
We guarantee the highest level of service by the representative and perfect execution of orders. We provide broad distribution, quick and effective product launches, and perfect marketing initiatives. We are developing sales support programs that give products a competitive edge.
We provide ideas, know-how and tools to develop joint business together.

Our suppliers provide high numerical distribution, product availability at points of sale, effective implementation of new products, effective promotional tools, which enable us to achieve even the most ambitious sales and marketing goals.
We guarantee timely delivery and high order fulfillment rates. Our mobile sales team takes care both of the sales and the appropriate exposure of the products entrusted to us, and with extensive knowledge of the product range offered, they are able to provide full product information as well as support the retailer in selecting the right assortment.

Why should you become our business partner?

- Professional distribution platform

Modern logistics solutions, full commercial support, electronic order platform, stable trading conditions, attractive promotions make the co-operation can be both efficient and pleasant.

- Modern procurement system

The new e-wholesale electronic order platform provides secure access to products, multiple promotions, the necessary information at any time and place.

Many years of experience and knowledge

From the very beginning of the organization, we listen to the expectations of our clients. We are constantly working on the quality of the service, we shorten the time of order fulfillment, we care about the complexity and attractiveness of the offer. We train our Business Advisors to provide real support to our sales, merchandising and operations partners. The opinion of our Clients is very important to us.

- Wide assortment

Our offer is a wide choice both for global brands and for exclusive distribution.

If you are interested in cooperation please contact us:
Mail biuro@megafun.com.pl
Tel. + 48 733 18 18 33

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